2nd African Peer Review Mechanism Youth Symposium

1) Panellist contributing to the session entitled ‘Lessons from the APRM Republic of Namibia Targeted Review on Youth Unemployment’ under the symposium theme Strengthening youth participation in APRM governance processes: Towards Universal Accession by 2023. I noted that “targeted reviews – specifically ones on youth unemployment – need to be prioritised if we are to gather contextualised, in depth data needed to address Africa’s challenges. This will help in probing solutions driven approaches and encourage cultures of evidence-based accountability on the continent”. I further stressed that “recommending institutional reform is futile without the political will to support it”.

Keynote: Ambassador Wilfried Emvula (Chairperson of the National Governing Council, APRM Namibia) 

Fellow Panellists: Mr. Festus Hangula (APRM Namibia Secretariat) | Ms. Caren Wakoli (Executive Director, Emerging Leaders Foundation) 

Moderator: Mr. Seth Mulli (Chief Executive Officer, Youth Bridge Trust) 

Location: Nairobi, Kenya | Date: 26 September 2021

2) Moderator on the session ‘Best Practices from the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Republic on South Africa in participation in their review processes’. Research and development funding whilst capacitating those already doing the work on the ground is key. Participants expressed clear knowledge and vested insights on what needs to be done. Now is the time to lobby for action.

Presenters: Mr. Chukwuemeka Michael (APRM Youth Vanguard, Republic of Nigeria) | Ms. Yolakazi Mfuto (APRM Youth Network Member, Republic of South Africa)

Respondents: Mr. Thulani Tshefuta (National Governing Council Chairperson, APRM South Africa) | Ambassador Wilfried Emvula (Chairperson of the National Governing Council, APRM Namibia) | Mr. Cyrus NkusiGovernance for Rwanda 

Location: Nairobi, Kenya | Date: 26 September 2021