Investment in the prosperity of Africa requires dedication to, and the capacitation of, its people. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that our voices, innovation, and lived experiences, not only matter, but are interconnected. The prosperity of one has to be reflected in the capacitation of, and solidarity with, the other. Without this form of empathy, or Ubuntu, inequality thrives and our equitable development is stifled. On this Africa Day, we take pride in the work Africans have put in to tackle the global health pandemic which exacerbated many of the socio-economic challenges African citizens face. The work, however, is far from over. Challenges highlighted by research reflect: vaccine hesitancy, record high unemployment, divestment in infrastructure, regressions in justice and accountability, amongst others. Now is the time to engage Ubuntu in all its forms, wherever we may be. Political will for sustainable social contracts, resource sharing, holding each other accountable, as well as harnessing our most precious resource – our youth dividend, are tangible ways to ensure this. We have the solutions – ours is to commit to applying them. May our soil be fertile and our generations be blessed. From one African to another, Happy Africa Day.